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Tattoo Removal

Have you an unwanted tattoo that you wish to remove partially or completely ?

Do not worry or panic.You don't have to undergo a surgery, because here at Breena Skin Care, we offer you the latest and scar-less high powered pixel Q-switch laser treatment for the tattoo removal.

The major advantage of this laser is its amazing efficacy and safety in tackling all kinds of tattoos and birthmarks. It is more advanced in comparison to other available lasers in the market as it delivers high powered laser beams facilitating very precise and better skin penetration yielding exemplary results, yet not compromising on the safety. It works well on all kinds of tattoo inks, irrespective of the size and depth of tattoos. So time to say goodbye to your unwanted tattoos and birth marks and all you require is few sittings of laser to dissociate yourself completely from your past!


  • *Laser treatment for tattoo and birthmark removal works by delivering high powered laser beams on the affected area of the skin which get absorbed by the pigment of your tattoo work/birthmark. This makes your tattoo pigments to break into some small particles which are then removed by the immune system of your body. Now, you might be worrying will this laser beam also destroy your natural skin pigments? Well, don’t worry about it!! This laser beam acts only on the color/pigment of your tattoo/birthmark and won't cause any damage to the surrounding skin.